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The "Real" Me
"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players."  I have a theatre background so that rings most "true" to me.  I find it particularly funny when people assume they aren't acting in some way and seriously try to convince me of their authenticity. The importance of being earnest, you know.  One of my most earnest moments was when I was acting in a play years ago at the University of Texas at Austin.  I played a cowboy in full garb, hat, boots, chaps and gun.  The play was about bull semen hijackers.  During a break I walked to the Business Building where the snack machines were.  On the way back I noticed a campus cop walking toward me, loosening the strap on his holster.  "Whoa," I cried with cowboy authenticity, hoping to halt Trigger, raising my bag of chips and Coke.  "I'm not real," I cried existentially.  The cop, noticing the theatre was near, asked if I was in a play.  "Look at me," I answered, as if seeing is believing.  He laughed. "We got a tip some nut dressed up like a cowboy was walkin' around the Business Building with a gun.  Reckon that was you."  It was hard to fault the logic as the tower loomed over us.

Our Approach

Our Story


Once upon a time there was a happy child who thought the world was made of magic.


But gradually the child began to lose touch with magic and slowly embraced the world of daylight.


In time the child saw himself as the center of the world of daylight, eager to shine brightly in that world.


The magic returned when he visited places in his sleep and saw people he knew but had never met.


But over time the world of daylight became his primary focus and he dreamed little of the world of magic.


It dawned on him as he drove his car gently down the road...   merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
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