Welcome To The Church of Divine Ambiguity

You're probably thinking that's a weird name for a church and you'd be right.  You'd look at the photo below and think that's hardly an inviting Holy image and you'd be right. It's actually a depiction of our founder, Ray Rhodes, emerging from a door from death.  If you think that's absolute horseshit you'd be right.  We like to think of death simply as another dimension.  CODA is not a religion, but it is a church.  We believe in everything and we believe in nothing. If you think that's a cheap attempt to ape a Zen paradox you'd be right.  However, CODA does try to live in a state of ambiguity, believing in everything and skeptical of everything.  We invite you if you are religious or not to our Church, but we cannot accept you as a CODA acolyte until you've been indoctrinated by our Holy Book.


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Our Story

The Church was founded by Ray Rhodes in a strip mall in Mango, Texas, 2002. The CODA Holy Book, Bicentennial Revised was shown in a vision to The Most Reverend Cody Badminton, who relayed the information to Larry Lemmons.
The story begins in 1776 when the founders of our nation discover a profound secret about what would become America.  In 1876, on the plains east of present-day Lubbock, Texas, a significant event occurred.  That leads to 1976, when Ray Rhodes discovers an extraordinary thread, during a road trip to see Willie Nelson, which connects each time.  He is made aware of the greatest secret of America and that's what the Church of Divine Ambiguity is founded upon.
Many detractors will say Mango, Texas, where Ray established the Church does not exist and that makes our story fiction. However, those people are not aware of the nature of reality.  They don't understand that Ray Rhodes developed the power to make the city exist in another dimension to protect us from the demiurge. To the left is a map showing the approximate location of where Mango was once a thriving small city. X marks the spot.


CODA Explained

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Meet the Elders

For ages truth seekers have looked for one thing, one seed, one word, one point, one particle that IS truth. CODA believes ambiguity is at the heart of reality.
 Truth is not one thing.
 It is a wide continuum of thought, a tree, a story, a universe, a wave.

Ray Rhodes


He was shown a door between life and death in 1976 and discovered he was one of the few who could move back and forth.  He did so often for a particular purpose.

The Most Reverend Cody Badminton


An itinerant street preacher, he became the leader of the Church of Divine Ambiguity.

Larry Lemmons


He does public relations for the Church and transcribes what the Visionary sees.  He really doesn't believe all the crap but he's paid to pretend he believes.

To be indoctrinated...

If you wish to know more about CODA you may read the Church's Holy Book, Bicentennial Revised.   It is absolutely free.  The best thing about CODA is it costs nothing but time and thought to be involved.  But that's what makes it difficult.     You are warned, however, there are profoundly controversial and politically-incorrect situations, profane language, sex and reality- altering accounts of history within this book.  You will never be the same.  You may become addicted to CODA and wish to spread the ambiguous message to all your friends and enemies. YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE.  Just don't say we didn't warn you. Click the magic button on the right.  However, if you do, you can never come back.