Reality is ambiguous.  So many philosophers, poets, theologians  and scientists have tried to define reality but none have succeeded.  Yet all have succeeded.  For many people ambiguity is aggravating.  They desire an answer that ties up all the loose ends.  They demand certainty.  Certainty is illusion.  Truth is not a point.  It is a wave.  Reality is outside and inside and in the infinite grey between.


If ambiguity is reality, obscurity is how we experience it.  Everything seems hidden, especially truth, unless of course, we declare we know it.   CODA connects the obscure to the ambiguous. If as some philosophers say, we are something like holograms, the entirety of the universe is within us.  CODA attempts to reach into obscurity to try to retrieve the knowledge of who we are.

CODA Welcomes Converts!

These generic people had no idea they would be converted to the most important church since the last most important church!  The extraordinary thing about CODA is no one need do anything except spread the word of CODA!  Tell your friends!  Especially tell your acquaintances!  Even people you haven't met or friended on Facebook can benefit from the teachings of CODA!  You don't have to give money!  You don't have to give your physical presence!  You only have to give a thought... when you can spare it!   That's all!

John Smith

"I understood CODA once I understood I can't understand CODA."

Jill Jones

"CODA is the answer to all my questions.   I just don't remember what I asked."

Frederick Generic III

"I don't mind being Generic so long as I get paid like a generic.  So am I getting paid?"

A Single Click

They say a journey begins with a single step.  They say it's not the destination but the journey that matters.  They say it's important to know who "they" are.  CODA says if you click the button below there will be no fireworks, but there could be a spark.