Bicentennial Revised is a wild and unpredictable satire spanning more than two hundred years.

In 1976, Ray and his buddy Andy travel to the Willie Nelson 4th of July Picnic in Gonzales, Texas.

In 1876, Lieutenant Path is trying to tame the Llano Estacado as Comanches linger in the grass.

In 1776 America's founding fathers are kidnapped by a UFO.

All the stories connect in The Church of Divine Ambiguity (CODA).  The church considers this book to be its founding document.

In the spirit of psychedelic literature of the seventies, Bicentennial Revised is a head trip with multiple forms and points of view, owing to Robert Anton Wilson, Tom Robbins and Kurt Vonnegut.

Bicentennial is the collection of posts first published in The Obscure Penguin, documenting the journey July 4, 1976 to the Willie Nelson Picnic in Gonzales, Texas.

Larry Lemmons and Rodney Collier made the journey and ended up hitchhiking after the car broke down. This is their story told in a narrative literary journalistic form.