Frequently Asked Questions




What Is The Meaning Of Life?

A. A Monty Python Movie

B. A trick question

C. Ripples on a pond

D. A test

Why Am I Here?

You have nothing better to do.

Will I ever meet the love of my life?

Have you ever looked in a mirror?

Who Am I?

You are the sum of everything you've been... plus 1.

When will the world end?

Always and Forever.

Where is Heaven and Hell?

The last place you'd expect to find them.

What does Marshall McLuhan say about time?

At the speed of light there is no sequence; everything happens at the same instant.

Does God exist?

Does God not exist?

Donde esta la biblioteca?

What is wrong with the world?

Probably you.

Who can save the world?

Probably you...and someone else.

Why does a pomegranate have so many seeds?

It is the fruit of the dead.

Why are there voices in my head?

Ask them.