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To Buy A Fat Pig

Homogeneity For Generic People.   It's reassuring that everyone thinks like me and I like the things everyone else likes.

To Market To Market

What aisle is the bacon on?
  Life can be ugly.  I prefer not to think about it.


 My Beautiful Mind


 I have the power to shape my world

Tend To Your Garden

Click to pull the weeds and water the roses.

The Infantile Obsession With Rankings


Peck. Peck. Peck.


We don't really hate the class system.  We just want to be higher in the order.

The Judgment of Paris

Peck To Rank

             "Ethics are more important than laws."
                                                     Wynton Marsalis


        I'm Talkin' About Ethics


                 Musicians know more than journalists.


Click to know why ethical behavior is more important than your phone.

People really get hung up on language.


Context Matters


The newsroom should be a place where language is examined.  Sometimes it's a place where language is censored.

Proceed With Caution

Do not click if profanity offends you