We lied.  You can go back if you wish.  Or you can read the reviews below. Or you can click on the title above or on the cover to read the Holy Book of the Church of Divine Ambiguity (CODA) absolutely free, or you can read excerpts here.
It was revealed by our Founder, Ray Rhodes, to our Visionary, The Very Reverend Cody Badminton, who related it to our Scribe, Larry Lemmons.
It is the tale of how CODA was founded and the revelations that led to its creation.
Reverend Badminton has said on the Holy Night he had The Dream he was in a particularly ambiguous state of mind because of the Holy Substance he had ingested before sleep overcame him.  As the story was related to him by our Founder, Ray Rhodes, Reverend Badminton says he was aware of and inside of all the characters, all the times and all the places all at once.  He says he was traveling at the speed of light and so could see all things and be all things in one infinite moment.  He says he was one with all. Then he awoke with a massive hangover but a photographic memory of The Dream, which he related to his PR consultant, Larry Lemmons.
The Reverend says the most important revelation to come to him is that all of reality can be revised so it is important to revise it responsibly.

41 Years On


Only Bad Reviews

"What a load of shit.  I'm sorry for the profanity but are you fucking kidding me?"

Mister Mart00ni

"If Holy Books like The Bible, The Koran or The Vedas are at the top of the list, Bicentennial Revised would be at the bottom.  On the other hand if you want to know more about CODA you need look no further.  If you get sufficiently sloshed you'll love it."

Ok Not Ok Media

"Honestly, wtf isn't enough.  What the fuck?"

The Penultimate Word Magazine

"I loved it!  Loved it!  It Sucks!  Loved it!"

The Algebraic Times

"Quite frankly there's no math in this book.  So if you read it with that in mind, it's nothing short of a masterpiece."

Hashtag News

"#####!!! "

An Interview With The Author

By Trevor Worthington, The Spit And Polish Review

I have to admit I had to pretty much stalk Larry Lemmons for this interview who avoided me several times before I cornered him and begged him to speak to me.

I assure you I am from a reputable publication and we are eager for your thoughts on the success of Bicentennial Revised.

My God!  Don't you understand I don't want to talk to you?

Please!  Please!  Put down the gun!  Thank you!  Look, Mr. Lemmons, many readers are convinced this world you created is real.

Of course it's real.

But you also said it's purely a public relations stunt to say it's real?


Well, which is it?  It can't be both.

And that's why I can tell you haven't read it.  How do you expect to do an interview if you haven't even read the fucking book?  Christ!

To be fair, Mr. Lemmons, many have said, and I've discovered as well, that it's utterly unreadable.

And yet you cite its popularity.

Well, I never said it was popular.  I was questioning its success.

Then why the fuck are you following me?  Leave me the fuck alone!

The Authorized Interview

Tiffany Beauregard - CODA

To begin, many have questioned the rather haphazard way the Holy Book, Bicentennial Revised, is constructed.  Differing points of view, different times...

That was the way the information came to Reverend Badminton.  Remember, he said he was traveling at the speed of light, aware of all things all the time from all points of view.

So if he had all things to choose from, why did he choose what he did to tell the story?

That's how it emerged.  He was in a trance when he told me the story.  It was difficult to keep up.  Also Reverend Badminton was quick to point out that if it was a story about ambiguity, the form should be ambiguous as well, including the POV.

Some critics have argued the tone is too irreverent, the satire too blatant for the work to affect a Holy purpose.

And again I would have to fall back on the nature of ambiguity.

Would it be fair to say falling back on the nature of ambiguity is an easy way to explain away anything?

Yes and no.

I understand a sequel is in the works?  Divine Ambiguity?

Yes.  Not so much of a sequel as it is the next in a series of CODA Holy Books.  Although I am writing it from my own recent and current experience regarding CODA in the world.

When may we expect it?

When it's done.